About Us

Welcome to RichFitClub!

Have you heard of  Beachbody®?  How about P90X® or Shakeology®?  Beachbody is the creator of the nation’s most popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions including programs such as P90X®, Slim in 6®, INSANITY®, TurboFIRE®, Hip Hop Abs®, Les Mills PUMP®, Yoga Booty Ballet®, and Kathy Smith Total Body Solution®— plus many more – all of which combine challenging DVD-based home fitness programs with easy-to-follow diet guidelines, superior nutritional supplements, and an unparalleled online support system.

We are Ken & Suzann Balog and we have setup our Beachbody coaching business as the Rich Fit Club – a local and virtual business dedicated to helping ourselves and others get physically and fiscally FIT – starting in our home town, Richmond VA.   We are a team of  people interested in health, fitness, and well-being  as Independent Beachbody Coaches and others in the fitness and nutrition field – we are focused on ending the trend of obesity – helping one person at a time.

Who is Suzann?

I have been interested in fitness and nutrition for more than 20 years and have just recently attained my Personal Trainer certification. I have found whenever I have reached a ‘certain age’ or stage of life, I need to re-evaluate what I’m doing to be at the level of weight, strength, and health that is right for me.  I have been an avid fan of the Beachbody products since Slim in 6 and have just finished the ChaleneExtreme / TurboFire Hybrid program. I also have struggled with my weight and know I need to make a change in my life to finally stop the yo-yo diet and yo-yo fitness routines.  I am determined to reach my healthy weight and level of strength that makes me feel confident & I can maintain forever with positive daily habits. I am a married, mother of two, with very busy careers – time and priorities have always been my downfalls. I’m counting on Team Beachbody to give me the tools and level of accountability and consistency that I need to be my best. I look forward to meeting others with similar goals and interests and hope we can help each other along the way.

Who is Ken?

I have been very successful in business. I have been a president, COO, and VP of companies ranging in size from $2 million to $600 million in annual revenue but none of them enabled me to affect people’s lives as much as Beachbody does. With most of my previous jobs, the job consumed me and I put off my fitness routines, gained weight, traveled constantly and though, successful from a business standpoint, I felt I was neglecting my family and myself. Beachbody enables me to change that and since I also find my overall well-being is closely reflected by my fitness routines, being BeachBody Coaches are a natural fit for me and my wife. The physical and financial opportunity is real and with the right attitude and work we can be successful together. As a former football player, I know I can get there and help you get there too! Come join our team on this journey and impact your life and the life of others as you’ve never done before.

We will update more here as we progress on our own personal health and fitness journeys as well as share stories of those who are doing the same.  Before  and Current (hate to say After – after what?  we do not have an end-state….just a continuum

If you would like to work with us  or need more information about starting your own health, fitness, or wellness journey – you can reach us at:

804.360.0746 office
804.714.8458 cell