Could you be a BeachBody Coach?

March 19, 2012

Coaching Opportunity

What Is A Beachbody Coach?

  • Beachbody Coaches are motivators. You will transform lives by motivating people to do what they previously thought impossible. You will be there when your customers need support and leadership to get results. You will help them shatter their own expectations and achieve the body of their dreams.
  • Beachbody Coaches are products of the product. What that means is that you use the programs and products for yourself. How do you expect to be able to help others achieve their health and fitness goals with our products if you don’t use them for yourself? You can’t! At the very minimum you need to get on Shakeology autoship and use that each month.
  • Beachbody Coaches are a link to a greater network. You will give your customers access to peer support. Research shows that people are more willing to commit to an exercise regimen when they are working with others toward the same goal. You will function as the bridge between your customer and others who wish to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Check out this video about what it means to join the Beachbody network of coaches and decide if this is for you:

Who Should Become A Beachbody Coach?

  • Someone who wants to commit to a healthier lifestyle
  • Someone who loves to help others
  • Someone who wants discounts on Beachbody products
  • Someone who wants to stay motivated to get in shape
  • Someone who has seen results with the Beachbody program

Who Should Not Become A Beachbody Coach?

  • Someone who has no desire to get in shape
  • Someone who has no desire to help others get fit and healthy

Can I be successful as a Beachbody Coach?

What’s The Benefits To Becoming A Beachbody Coach?

  • Get paid to stay in shape. How cool is that? As a Beachbody Coach we get paid to get fit and healthy ourselves and to help others do the same.
  • Get a 25% discount on all products. The same products you know and love will be yours for 25% off of retail. A lot of people become Beachbody coaches for this reason alone.
  • No inventory. As a Beachbody Coach you won’t have to stock your garage full of toilet paper, lotion, makeup, or laundry detergent. Team Beachbody handles all of the inventory so you can focus on helping people and growing your business.
  • Access to a growing market of customers. Did you know that Beachbody spends around $90 to $125 million a year on infomercials, radio, and print advertising? Our name is everywhere, and millions have gotten great results with our programs. Most of the people you approach won’t need to be sold on us. They’ll have already heard of us, making your job as a Beachbody Coach much easier.
  • No special education required. You don’t need to be a personal trainer, nutrition expert, bodybuilder, or fitness model. You don’t even need to have completed one of our workout programs. You do though have to have a genuine desire to get fit and healthy and to help others do the same.
  • Awesome tax deductions. As a Beachbody Coach you’re considered an Independent Contractor so you can take advantage of some incredible tax benefits.

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