Being Exceptional – Weekly Motivation Message

October 25, 2013


Weekly Motivation Message

exceptionalThis week’s topic is about being exceptional – do you have a role model you follow or are you a role model for others?  Why not BE that role model and get outside your current comfort zone – strive to be exceptional! See blog for ideas: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone 

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Being Exceptional

I can think of only a few compliments that I think transverse the ordinary. One of them is “He’s a wonderful dad (or She’s a wonderful mom)” Another is “I have never met a more honest person”, and the one I’m thinking of for today’s edition of Monday Motivation is “He (or She) is simply an exceptional individual.”

“Exceptional.” The very word brings back schooltime thoughts of a big red “A+” written on your essay or quiz. But in adulthood, with those schooltime experiences long behind us, it’s still a word that brings to mind a person who is better than anyone else at what he or she endeavors to do.

As in school, people who perform at an exceptional level are a little difficult to find. Most of us do about average, some do above average. Some do below average, and some of us are failing at life, just looking for that D- to squeak by.  Some of us lie about our abilities, having learned that some people are gullible enough to believe anything, if it’s said with enough polish and style.

But truly exceptional people — they are someone who it’s important to follow, to learn from, and to study. They go through life helping those around them, inspiring those they meet, learning from those they talk with. They go through life learning and growing, and as a result, they keep getting better and better, stronger and stronger. If we were still in school, we’d call them the “curve busters,” those who perform at such a high level that they make it more difficult for the rest of us to squeak by.

What can do you do when you find someone like that? Follow them, learn from them, emulate them. See how they work, see what they say, follow their every word, until you learn from them how to be exceptional yourself.

You see, exceptional people aren’t necessarily born exceptional. Most of the time, they become exceptional through a great deal of exceptional work and energy. Most of them started just like us — but they become exceptional rather than settling for that D- just in order to pass through the challenges of life.

All of us can become exceptional, with work and effort, study and motivation. Even you and I can become an exceptional human being, because in life, there is no grading curve — you get what you earn.

Copyright, 2012, by Daryl R. Gibson.

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