Best Vacation Workouts

Do you workout on vacation?

When you are planning a vacation, do plan to workout?  If your workouts are a part of your daily routine and have become such a habit it is like brushing your teeth – then chances are you workout on vacation too.  If you look at vacation as a chance to do absolutely nothing – including working out (please don’t pass on the brushing teeth habit!), then chances are, you gain a few pounds and have to work twice as hard when you “get back to normal.”

How about trying to fit something in while on vacation – this will help not break the great habits you’ve established and will allow you to indulge a bit more in local cuisines. Another benefit may be that you do a different type of activity than you’re used to and provide your body with a bit of muscle confusion by working different body parts.  Something else to consider, making your workout time your “me time” will also help your stress level for when too much family or group activity is countering the purpose of vacation… win!!

So what are the best vacation workouts?

Walking, jogging, or running are the easiest vacation workouts to fit in anywhere – if you are visiting a city, try exploring by foot – you’ll be amazed at how much more of the city you will see – things off the tourist trail – maybe make your morning walk a reconnaissance mission for finding a local restaurant for that night’s dinner.

If you destination is the beach – take time to get out there before the crowds and the heat for a 30-60 minute walk in the sand –  walking in sand as your vacation workout provides an increased level of intensity, like cranking the incline on a treadmill, but with a lot better view!

Add in a few sets of squats, lunges, calf raises, push-ups, plus crunches and you’ve got a complete circuit workout done!

A great resource to check out is the app for smartphones – Sports Tracker – allows you to track your mileage, speed, and location.

If you are staying in a hotel or resort – checkout their fitness facilities ahead of time and plan around the ones you want to take advantage of – like if they have a set of fitness classes, maybe there is one that you want to try, many offer yoga classes in a de-stress setting.

Does your vacation destination already include a lot of outdoor activities? Like water skiing, swimming, hiking, canoeing? That is great – you’ve got a built in workout and fun at the same time!

If you do a Beachbody program, these are ideal to take with you – I never travel without a few DVDs, set of bands, and my tennis shoes – I’m ready for anything then!

Best Vacation WorkoutsPlanning is the key to getting in the workouts and making them a part of your vacation or at least minimizing the damage of over-indulgence.  If you don’t bring the right tools – you won’t have the options to fit them into the unexpected opportunities to move more. Do a little research before you pack – checkout walking, jogging, biking trails near your destination.  Look for outdoor activities that you can take advantage of in the area, like water skiing, para sailing, bike rentals, etc.  Plan your workouts or activities around your sight seeing or down time – you’ll be glad you did when you get home and get on the scale and know that you don’t have to double up your efforts post-vacation.  If you have already taken your vacation or were not able to counter the splurges with workouts and find yourself in need of a detox or cleanse – checkout this Ultimate Reset and the Mini-Cleanse for whichever you desire – intense results or a quick back on track plan.



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5 Responses to “Best Vacation Workouts”

  1. Rich Taub Says:

    Good tips.
    Since I’m on the road alot I usually bring my workouts with me as well 🙂


  2. Rick McKee Says:

    Nice post!! I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time but will be sure to incorporate a workout into my daily activities. One of the things I like about many of BB’s workouts (Insanity for instance) is that no equipment is required. Just pack the DVD and push play!!


  3. Jeanne Melanson Says:

    This is good advice. I will be going on vacation in two weeks and really enjoyed reading this. Exercise is key to almost everything! All the best to you!


  4. Mary Riley Says:

    Good post! I once took a kettlebell to Belgium (work not vacation). I wasn’t going to go without my workout. With BB it’s so much lighter 🙂


  5. Melody Garza Says:

    Depending on the vacation depends on if I workout, hehe … but this is great advice =)


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