Countdown to Cleanse

April 28, 2012

My Fitness Journey

So I’m taking the plunge and going to do the Ultimate Reset starting on Wednesday May 2, 2012 – a little nervous and excited. I’ve been through all the material and preparing my Phase 1 shopping list so that I have no reason not to stick to the plan.  Everyone around me thinks I’m crazy – give up wine, coffee/caffeine, sugar, meat? Give up WORKOUTS??!!! for 21 days?!  Yes, I’m committing to do this for myself – for my health – to reset my body and see how refreshed, revitalized, and renewed I will feel at the end of the program.

I know it won’t be easy – I have to travel on the very first day – have a dinner and a party on the calendar – Mother’s day is in the mix – sooooo I will have to have a lot of strength, willpower, and support from my family and friends. I am asking for that in an open blog here – will post on TBB Blog, Facebook, and my Rich Fit Club personal blog as well.

PLEASE send comments and encouragement – I know I’m going to have some tough days, but I know I have a lot of supporters and will get through to the end with a renewed body and spirit. I’ll be taking all my “before” measurements and posting pictures this weekend. Watch for my journal updates and thanks in advance!!


– Suzann


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2 Responses to “Countdown to Cleanse”

  1. David Ginn Says:

    You can do it Suzann, it’s going to be GREAT! I wish I could start with you, but I need to wait until May 21 to begin.

    I’ll be watching your journey with great interest.


  2. Suzann Says:

    Thanks David!!

    Day 1 is half way through and not bad except for the headache – I’ll post a full update later.


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