Day 1 on Ultimate Reset – Cleanse & Detox

May 3, 2012

My Fitness Journey

My Ultimate Reset – Cleanse & Detox Journey

Day 1 is done!

Not so bad – my headache has finally subsided. Keeping track of the water is a good thing and the supplements were no problem. Wearing the reminder bracelet should come with caution not to wear while cooking over gas stove! (I’m ok….just sayin). I went to a charity event cocktail party last night and did not have wine or the delicious apps…and still enjoyed myself with my good friend and met lots of new people.

Day 2 is off to a great start – can’t believe I slept 8 1/2 hours and the scale showed down 2.4 pounds!


Here is what was on my plate for the day – all delicious and was not hungry – also had an apple with 1 Tbl peanut butter (not shown):


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