My Fitness Coaching Business Bootcamp | Day 1 | Write Down Your Goals

purposeToday were to talk about your goals and your “why”. Your “why” is the reason you want to grow your own business. What are the real reasons behind being your own boss, growing wealth, helping others with their health and fitness? Take at least 5-10 minutes to write down your “why.”

One of the most important things that you absolutely need to do is break down your goals.

Don’t just write down your goals in general terms.

You’re going to be very specific about them… for instance if you want to make a certain dollar figure if you want to travel to a certain place you need to also put down dates when you’re going to achieve these things and this will make it more real- to you it will also make you push harder to achieve those goals.

And Part 2 of your assignment today is to read at least 10 pages a day of motivational or inspiring books this can include anything from personal development to business development to spiritual development. Whatever it is- it just needs to be time you take away from your day to just engage in a book to motivate you and make you feel excited about your business, about your life and ready to push forward and push hard.

Ready, Set, Go!!!