Day 14 – Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Cleanse

My Beachbody Blog on the Ultimate Reset – Cleanse

Ok so I haven’t been as good as I had hoped about blogging my Beachbody Ultimate Reset experience – but here is my latest update!

Day 14 wow – I made it to the third and final phase!  I have had many obstacles – stress at work, 3 parties, soccer games, Mother’s Day, etc. and am happy to announce that I have stayed on track – no cheating or eating “off plan” at all.  I am down about 8 pounds.  I’ll check my inches lost and cholesterol and blood pressure at the end f the overall program.

I have been really good about getting in “moderate movement” – new routine that the dogs are loving is taking my supplements and water at 7:00am and then going for a 20 min brisk walk – that allows me to clear my head – make the dogs happy – and the 30 minute wait between supplements and breakfast is productive! I’ve also been doing a little bit of “floor work” on a few evening – push-ups, crunches and stretches (I’m probably not supposed to do the push-ups and crunches, but can’t help myself!) I’ve also tried the dry brushing a couple times a week – my skin feels amazing – like I just lathered on body butter!

The food has been interesting – many recipes I would never have thought to try and they will be going on our normal meal plan. Was not a big fan of the Detox supplement that we had to take 3x per day in the 2nd phase (maybe that’s why I didn’t blog at all!?) – but I’m sure it had its benefits!

What’s Good on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Cleanse?

Here are some of my favorites so far (fruit with oatmeal, yogurt with maple or agave, fruit plates, salads with lentil lime, quinoa pilaf, brown rice and beans, garlic veggies, nori rolls (not as hard to make as it may seem – must try!), roasted red pepper/sweet potato bisque, edamame “succotash”, and hearty miso (another must try!) :

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Cleanse

I am really happy with my overall progress to-date and know that I will continue on this last week with renewed energy and commitment!!

For more info on how YOU can take the Ultimate Reset:  Get Reset!

Will blog more later….have to go take my afternoon alkalinity and another 32oz of water!


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