Day 4 – Ultimate Reset – Cleanse & Detox

Day 4 of the Ultimate Reset – Cleanse & Detox

Starting off Day 4 and feeling great!  I’m down 3.4 pounds total – not sure how much is water or real, but I’ll take it anyway!!  They said this will be the hardest day – body is supposed to be reacting to the elimination of toxins and wastes – I must say, I don’t feel bad at all.  The headache is gone – thank God! I have been walking twice a day (easy walk – 20 minutes in the morning between the supplements and breakfast – then 20 minutes in the evening after dinner).  I’m going to try to do some yoga today in lieu of the evening walk.  They tell you not to exercise, but that walking and yoga/stretching are OK.  I can’t not be active – even if I’m low on energy – I have to move!

 Here is what’s on today’s menu:



Also have to say the website and the facebook support page have been awesome resources – lots of help and support from the program team and fellow “cleansers” – amazing what kind of information some people will share – but it is all good to know (and hate to ask)!!!

Big Learning

Prep work makes a difference!!  I thought I was super prepared by shopping ahead of time – reading through all the material – setting up the kitchen – etc.   What I have since learned is that you can make the meal preparation a lot easier too if you do some of that in advance.  Like cooking rice, lentils, and quinoa the night before and making larger quantities to use throughout the week.  So look ahead at not just the menu, but the recipe directions too – had no idea the rice would take 50 minutes! (so yes, dinner was a bit later than I wanted that night….).

Schedule the supplements and water in you calendar – I put in a calendar reminder in my Outlook to remind me to take the water and supplements at the right times – I get so busy with work I sometimes forget to get lunch – this has kept me on track and keeping water, meals, supplements spread out the day.

That’s all for now – off to the grocery store for fresh fruit – yum!! (and no, wine does not fit that category – bummer!)


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  1. David Says:

    Great job! Keep it up and keep posting!


  2. ??? Says:

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