Day 4

Day 4 of the 5 Day Fast Track Fitness & Diet Plan

How many diets have you tried? How many are you still following? What about each one of them are you still doing because it worked or felt right to you – which ones were too complicated, un-natural, or just plain too weird to stick with??

Create Your Own Healthy Meal Plan

A healthy meal plan has to be something that helps you meet your goals, but also has to be something that you’ll easily do and adopt as part of your normal way of life. I am not a dietician or nutritional expert, but believe me, the number of books I have on this topic and the number of things I’ve tried over the past 30 years, allows me to play one on youtube (smile)

Take Action!

1)      Determine your caloric needs to match your goals – if you are trying to lose weight – you’ll want to do that with a balance of lowering your calorie in-take with what you will burn exercising. If you want to gain weight or muscle, you’ll want to increase your calories, but they should be with those that fuel muscles like lean proteins. (see resource link below)

2)      Clean out your pantry/refrigerator!! You should go through all your food storage areas and toss anything old, expired, or not on your new healthy list.  If you have young kids that you want to allow certain treats or snacks for them – put them in a place that is not at your immediate eye level so that you’re not tempted.

3)      Make a place in your kitchen for all your new healthy food items and tools – you want to make this as easy as possible on yourself!

4)      Make a meal plan and shopping list – set aide time each week to prep for the week ahead – this way you are more likely to stick with the plan if you have everything you need for each meal and doesn’t leave you with those nights after a long day ordering take-out or grabbing fast-food

5)      Follow the 80/20 rule – eat as close to plan as possible and splurge occasionally to keep yourself from every feeling deprived and open for a binge or quitting – everything in moderation works!

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Here is another source for determining the right calorie in and calorie out: calorie counter

Here is what I use to meal plan and grocery shop – I also add in any special activities for the week that I may have to plan around like soccer games, business trips, company coming, etc.  Click here to download for your personal use my Menu Planner & Grocery List

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Now Take Action!!  See you tomorrow for Day 5- you are almost there!!