Day 5

Day 5 of the 5 Day Fast Track Fitness & Diet Plan

How to stay on track and where to get support

This may be Day 5 of the 5 Day Fast Track, but it is not the end – this is just the beginning of your new journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle!!  In this session , we’ll be covering ideas for staying on track – the benefit of journaling – and where to get support when you need it.  And to ensure you are taking action and reaching your goals – I’ll be here to answer any questions, give you motivation and encouragement, and coach you to keep moving forward!

Take Action!

1)    Get a journal – this can be anything that you will keep with you and write down everything! Your goals, your action steps, your commitment to yourself. Your starting measurements, your progress against those, and EVERYTHING YOU PUT INTO YOU MOUTH! (you have to be accountable to yourself and your plan – statistics show that most successful dieters write down everything they eat -why? because if you have to write down something unhealthy or not on your plan – it is a conscious decision and not a mindless binge or emotional reaction)

Here is my tri-fold  Weekly Tracker – Fitness & Diet Journal (click to download for your personal use – print double-sided and fold) I keep a separate journal for tracking all my goals and weekly, monthly, etc progress against them.

If you are tech savvy and want to use an app for tracking – I’ve heard a lot of good things about MyFitnessPal and Lose It!

2) Record what you do to support your goals – writing in your journal daily is critical to staying on track – you should also write down how you did with your workout – if you are doing a weight training program, you’ll want to use the worksheets that come with the program and record the reps/amount of weight you used each time so that you see progression in your level of strength – this is a BIG motivator!

3) Give yourself a rule to live by – one day or meal off a week from whatever your plan says – no more!  If you miss a workout – don’t miss more than 2 days in a row – by the third day you need to do SOMETHING – even if it is just 10 minutes of stretching (I personally have a daily  minimum 10 minute rule – if I’m sick, tired, or just not motivated – I make myself do 10 minutes of something so that it remains a daily habit

Here is my My Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Rules (click to download for your personal use)

4) Join a group or team with like goals – there are message boards on the Team Beachbody system that you can get access to for free when you join the club.  You can login any time and post a question or ask for support and you’ll be amazed how many people will respond!  There are also plenty of resources there to give you more motivation and support. Another site I really like is SparkPeople – there are many teams and support groups to join online. Weight watchers is also a great source if you need more of an in-person group support option.

5) Join one of my Challenge Groups – I am always starting a new group that selects a program and a start date (you get discounts on the TeamBeachbody products when you join and buy a Challenge Pack) – message me for more info on this – find a few friends who want to join you and I’ll get all of you setup to motivate each other!

Congratulations on completing your 5 Day Fast Track Fitness & Diet Plan!  Keep me posted on your success and reach out any time you need help or motivation.  One final homework assignment for you – Take Action  – look around you, I’m sure you have friends and family who would LOVE to learn everything you just went through – do them a favor and share this program with as many people around you that could benefit from this plan.

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