Does Weight Watchers Work? My week on the WW plan

Does Weight Watchers® Work?

Here is my journal/summary of my week on the Weight Watchers® meal plan.**

If you’ve spent any time on the RIchFitClub site, you know by now that I’ve tried just about every diet and meal plan out there – from Cabbage Soup to South Beach to Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers and everything in between – so I don’t have all the answers or a silver bullet to weight loss and healthy eating,, but I sure have a LOT of personal experience that I’m happy to share.

This week I tried the Weight Watchers meal plan as part of my 30 Day Challenge to Summer (recall last week I did Shakeology and the Beachbody Meal Planner – lost 1 pound) – this week I had similar obstacles to overcome with a holiday and two long, business travel days.  What I like about Weight Watchers is that you can truly do it anywhere and stay on track.  If you’re not familiar with the program, it is basically a point system that is assigned to the foods you eat and your goal is stay within a personal point limit.  For official information, go to (add no follow)

What I don’t like about WW is figuring out and  counting the points – I think the real benefit is primarily writing down or recording in an online tool – EVERYTHING – that you put in your mouth. The point system gets you to make healthier choices – most fruits and vegetables are 0 points and wine, pasta, rice (higher carb foods) are 4-6 points per serving.  When you only get 26 points in a day, you really think about it all day and get stingy with your points – you want to maximize the food quantity/volume to be satisfied and full, but balanced .  You could blow your whole point goal with one big Italian meal of bread, pasta, and wine!  The good thing is, you CAN have that meal – you just need to balance it out in your day and you may need the reserve 49 points per week that you’re allowed to use anytime.  The other good news is you can earn more points through exercise.  Glad I am doing the Les Mills Pump and Insanity hybrid fitness plan!!

So results of my week – basically broke even – scale was down about 1/2 pound, but that could just be all the vegetables I ate this week!  For me, Weight Watchers works primarily for maintenance – it is a GREAT healthy lifestyle to live by and I love all the cook books.  Just bought two new ones this week: “One Pot” and “Weight Watcher’s 50th Anniversary” cookbook — I’ll try a few recipes out and post reviews later.  I’ve been cooking for my family with WW recipes for years and everyone loves them – no one ever feels like they are dieting – just healthier versions of all our favorites and we know we can splurge a little on weekends, vacations, or special occasions when we live this way the majority of the time.  Once you learn the basics, you really don’t have to count the points, but I highly recommend writing down in a journal or online tool – keeping in line with healthy points – balancing meals with more lean protein and vegetable, fewer starchy carbs or processed food – and get minimum 30 minutes of exercise a day.

For help doing WW on your own,  here are a couple of great sites that I have used – nothing compares to the official program, attending meetings, the etools, but if you have done those already and just need help with figuring out point calculations on your own or WW friendly recipes, these were highly beneficial:

Point Calculator

Next week’s plan is a 6 Day – Mini-Ultimate Reset – Cleanse  — I’ve done the full 21 Day version twice now (see other posts on this topic for what it is and the results) – it is something I am experiencing with doing more routinely for shorter periods of time….so stay tuned!!

Cheers to your health!

– Suzann



**Disclaimer: RichFitClub is not associated with Weight Watchers and they have not endorsed this site. This site does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by Weight Watchers International, Inc.  Weight Watchers ® and PointsPlus ® are registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc.



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