Finding Balance

May 21, 2013

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Do you struggle with finding balance?Finding Balance 2

We all have busy lives – don’t you wonder sometimes how that person you see managing a high-powered career, raising a family, and looking healthy and fit does it all??  Is he or she just lucky? Do they have super powers that you somehow didn’t get? How are they finding balance that seems to never be within your grasp?

No luck or super powers – what they all have in common is they don’t waste time. They weed out all the little things in their lives that have no great value and waste their time and energy.  Here are a few tips to help you in finding your balance:

  • Keep to a schedule – put all your high-priority and must-dos on the calender like appointments
  • Make a list – for everything and keep it in one place to review daily and check things off
  • Make time for exercise – put it on the schedule and on the list – maybe early morning, but get it done!
  • Make time for down time – so you don’t feel like all you do is run run run
  • Take out all the “energy vampires” – people and tasks that suck the life out of you or are low-value
  • Set a timer for your tasks – give all your focus to the task, but take a break when the timer goes off
  • Plan your week – schedule time weekly to plan the whole week – calendars, meal plans, errands, special events – build it into your schedule and you’ll be ready for anything! (have a plan B just in case)

Finding Balance 3To really focus on finding balance also means you need to know what you want and how you measure success in all aspects of your life in order to know how to prioritize your time. Set goals that are meaningful to you in several areas: work/career/financial, family, personal development, personal happiness, etc. If you have a goal for each area that you want to spend time on, you can then work backwards into what you will do to achieve that goal and build it into your schedule.  For instance, if you want to learn Spanish for a trip you want to take – work backwards from when the trip is, make a list of what you need to get (sign up for a class, order language DVDs, get a book), and then put time to spend learning on your calendar.

By the time the date for your trip arrives you’ll be speaking muy bien!



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