Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

June 18, 2013

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Are you stuck in your comfort zone?comfort zone 1

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

Why is it so hard to get outside your comfort zone – and – why should you push yourself to do that?

WHY?  Because comfort is too easy!! Changing up what you do and what you use stretches you – mind and body.  If you continuously do the same thing the same way, your body and mind go into auto-pilot and you do less thinking and less physical exertion to complete a task.

What are you afraid of? Failure? Pain? Take a risk and try a few simple ones before you get totally crazy and try to climb Mt Everest.

Ideas to stretch your mind & ways to push your body – outside your comfort zone:

  • Read a new book, work a puzzle, learn a new language, learn an instrument, introduce yourself to someone new at a network event or cocktail party, watch a show on TV that you wouldn’t normally watch.
  • Do a normal routine differently – take a different route to work, use your non-dominate hand for brushing your teeth or eating, eat breakfast for dinner, sleep on the opposite side of the bed, etc.
  • Do something new and unexpected – something that people who know you would say “wow really, I would have never guessed you would….” – doing something more typical for your current lifestyle or personality won’t stretch you enough – if you are not a creative person, try taking an art class; if you are non-athletic, take a lesson in golf or tennis or join a non-competitive team sport – if you are an introvert, go to a karaoke bar (take a few friends for morale support) and get up and sing a number!
  • Try a new workout routine – always been a walker? Try jogging, try a low-impact exercise video, try a high-impact exercise video with High-Intensity-Interval-Training techniques.  Work different muscle groups – changing up your workout routine on a regular bases (I like to change every 8-12 weeks) will force you to work different muscles and make you work harder in general. This is sometimes called “muscle confusion” – Tony Horton’s P90X is based on this technique. If you body knows what’s coming next, it doesn’t have to work as hard and you don’t progress in your fitness or strength level.

comfortzone 2After you’ve tried a few simple things out of your norm – go for something bigger – bigger risk, bigger fear, bigger reward.  Set your goals high and push yourself to be more than what you ever thought was possible for YOU!  That’s how you will grow and get better at everything you set your mind to – believing in yourself and not being too afraid to try (and fail!) and try again!

What is your Everest?  See it – believe it – then just do it!!


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