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November 11, 2013

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How can YOU Give & Receive?!

Beacbody has the most incredibly generous promotion this November I’ve ever seen – make a purchase of a Challenge Pack or get on Shakeology Home Direct and they’ll donate $20 or $10 respectively to Feeding America – plus you get a $20 gift certificate in return.  Want to GIVE & RECEIVE? Click to find out how you can help feed the 49 million that go hungry everyday in America by purchasing one program for yourself or as a gift (holidays are approaching – you can “build someone up” – this week’s motivation message) plus YOU can help feed up to 180 people!!  WOW – Win-Win!

See how YOU can Give & Receive:

Building Up

My wife has been interested in watching a lot of home improvement shows lately, and that means that I tend to watch them, too.

Watching the shows, two things amaze me: 1: how (yes, I know this is TV, not reality) badly people let things go on a house, with bad wiring, asbestos, bad plumbing, termites, etc. and 2: how easily things are torn down, but how much time and money it takes to build them up.

It makes me think about people in these same two instances. Many of us will let ourselves get to rock bottom before we’ll ever think about doing something to fix ourselves up. We let our skills get moldy, we let our relationships dwindle, we forget about our friends, and we ignore our family. We continue to do this until some shock makes us change our ways, and by then, it’s often too late.

Plus, many of us will tear down others, or allow ourselves to be torn down. It takes a lot to build up a person, but it really doesn’t take much effort to tear down a person’s self-image, particularly if you’re family or friends.

Building, on the other hand, takes effort, but leaves lasting results. It takes work to help someone feel better about themselves. It takes time to plan out changes to your own life, and effort to execute those changes. It will take concentration to learn new skills, and we may need to apologize to those we might have ignored.

In life, we should consider ourselves builders of a sort — developing others, developing ourselves, building solid lives, and helping others to do the same.

Anybody can tear down a house, but it take skill to build one. Anyone can tear down your life, including you. It takes effort and skill to build up your life and the lives of those who you meet.

Copyright, 2012, by Daryl R. Gibson.

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