Increasing Longevity – Review of Secrets of Longevity

Secrets of Longevity – Increasing Longevity in an 8-Week Programincrease longevity 3

Do you want to add years to your life?  Dr. Mao Shing Ni is the author of “Secrets of Longevity” and has created an 8-Week Program to help you do just that….this book is an easy to follow plan for adding a few simple, healthy ideas to your routine each week and adopting those that are most effective into your daily habits. Setting you on a course to “live long, live strong, and be happy!”

First you take an assessment to see how healthy your lifestyle is today – in terms of overall wellness and goals you have for each aspect of your life.  Then each week you work on one of those aspects and are given a short list of new habits to try that will improve that particular area of health.  As you follow each of the new habits, you record how it feels and what you experience. At the end of the week, you make a commitment to continuing one of those habits throughout the rest of the 8-Week program.  You do this for the full length of the program and by the end, you have adopted at least 8 new healthy habits into your normal routine that can help you with your goal for increasing longevity.

My personal take on increasing longevity:

increase longevity 2We are bombarded with books, news, magazines, etc touting the latest studies on what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing in order to live longer.  There are dozens of conflicting reports about caffeine, wine, tea, and supplements that effect your long-term health and probability of living longer.  For me, what I liked most about this book was how to try out a few of the “common habits of a centenarian” and see which ones had the most affect on me personally and that I could readily adopt into my new lifestyle. The book and program was very easy to follow and full of great information to help learn how to improve things like digestion, metabolism , sleep, stress, and memory — all things that tend to change with age!

Should you read this book to help with increasing longevity?

If you are interested in increasing longevity or just living a healthier lifestyle, but struggle with figuring out what habits you should be incorporating – this is a great book and resource for you. If you worry about senility, Alzheimer’s , age-related memory loss, heart disease, impaired immune system, low energy, or suffer from insomnia – there are plenty of ideas and new healthy habits awaiting you in this book.

Dr. Mao Shing Ni has hundreds of ways to live to be 100 and provides you with a simple, no-nonsense approach to adopting them to live longer.


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