Metabolism Tips for Women Over 40


Struggling with metabolism over 40?

metabolism over 40Why do women over 40 find it harder and harder to lose weight?  Even finding themselves gaining and not knowing why?  Your metabolism may be contributing to your problem.  Metabolism is how your body converts food to energy.  After 40 your metabolism starts to slow down by about 5% every 10 years – meaning we have to cut or burn extra calories just to keep from gaining!

No matter if you are trying to lose weight or just trying to maintain your current healthy weight, increasing your metabolism to a higher rate is a necessity and can be achieved by increasing physical activity and changing how/what you eat.

Tips for increasing metabolism over 40 and combat weight gain:

1)      Move more – build little things into your daily routine like parking further away from a store or taking the stairs more often.  When exercising, include strength training to combat muscle loss (women over 40 lose muscle mass twice as fast as men!) and add cardio intervals to increase your cells’ fat-burning capacity

2)      Eat breakfast – it jumpstarts your body’s fat burning first thing

3)      Increase fiber intake – it makes you feel fuller for longer and helps you consume fewer calories overall. Shoot for 25 grams daily

4)      Reduce calorie intake – about 100 calories per day – little changes to try are switching from whole milk to skim, removing skin from chicken,  just use juicy tomato slices in lieu of mayo,  replace juice or soda with calorie free beverage. Studies show that taking out 100 calories a day can keep weight off long term.

5)      Eat 5-6 smaller meals – spaced evenly throughout the day – keeps your blood sugar even and keeps you feeling fuller longer which prevents you from binging.

6)      Limit alcohol – it tend to lower heart rate and people tend to eat more when drinking

7)      Try adding these to your diet:  spices (cinnamon), black pepper, oolong tea, beans, 500mg vitamin C (try kiwis) and ice water (Getting your recommended 8 glasses a day – with ice – can burn70 calories a day!)

8)      Get more sleep – as we age we tend to get more stressed and sleep less, sleeping less leads to anxiety and stress and overeating – it is a vicious cycle that you need to break –studies prove that people who get 7-8 hours minimum tend to live within healthier weight ranges

metabolism over 40 2Losing weight can be tough at any age, but as we age, we need to adjust how we approach it differently than we did in our 20s and 30s.  Increasing your metabolism over 40 can be as simple as increasing exercise and reducing food intake, but by adding the small things listed above, you can do to help speed up the process and get you the results you want! Your nutrition has a big role in boosting your metabolism so make sure you factor that into your over 40 weight loss plan!

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