Monday Motivation – 1 April 2013

April 1, 2013


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How do you let your mood effect your decisions? The outcome of your day? Dig Deep and overcome – you’ll be amazed at how successful you can be when you think positively!!

Keeping Your Mood Up

No matter what the time of year or the mood of the country, there are a lot of days where many people have a difficult time keeping their mood positive and their outlook bright. Particularly in these days of economic turmoil, that’s once again the case. Here we are, in the … fifth [or more] year of economic upset, and for many people, things are still up in the air.

But the truth is that if this same paragraph were applied to numerous eras of the past century, many people would recognize it as their own time. In fact, the words of Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” would ring true to many people, despite the fact those words were written 150 years ago.

Things happen, and for some people it’ll be good, for other people it’ll be bad, and for many people, it won’t matter a whole lot — but they’ll react to it anyway.

But this is the truth — whether we stay positive or negative depends more on ourselves, and the way we see the world around us — than it depends on the world itself.

It’s a truism — some people see the challenge, the other people see the problem. Some stay positive and look for the best life has to offer, and others stay negative, and look for the worst that the world can dish out. Take two people of differing personalities and outlooks, put them through the same circumstances, and one will rise above them, while the other will curse the world and sink lower into despair.

We all have problems, it’s true. But our personal outlook on life will make the difference in whether we view those problems as stumbling blocks or stepping stones. To one person, a mountain is a barrier to further movement; to another person, it’s a challenge to be conquered and a trail to be blazed.

People don’t go around building monuments to pessimists, because the pessimist never has the belief that they can make a difference. Fortunately, a positive outlook on life can be learned, and maintained. We don’t have to go around with a dark mood — we can lighten it up, and in the process lighten up our life.

Copyright, 2012, by Daryl R. Gibson.


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