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June 17, 2013

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Do you have any bad habits that you would like to break? This week’s Monday Motivation is all about getting rid of bad habits – if you want to learn more about forming good ones, checkout the book review I did on Chalene Johnson’s PUSH – it is packed with great tools!

As always, be sure to follow me at RichFitClub for my latest blog posts. This week is about trying something new, getting outside your comfort zone, and a few new healthy recipes to try!

Eliminating Bad Habits

There’s only one thing bad about a bad habit.

Continuing to do it.

We all make mistakes from time to time. Certainly, none of us is perfect, and as we travel down life’s highway, we’re bound to make a few wrong turns. The problem is when we don’t turn away from the things that don’t work. We try something stupid, and we try it again, and again, and pretty soon, we’ve got a bad habit. We have become great at doing stupid things.

Whether it’s eating bad food, or not exercising, or smoking, drinking, or carousing, or whether it’s something more business oriented, like procrastination, lack of follow through, long meetings, poor planning, treating people badly, creating problems rather than solving problems, or leaving the toilet seat up, we all have things that we can eliminate.

Whether we succeed in life or not is largely a matter of habit. We actively work to cultivate the good traits we need, and we actively pare the bad habits — the dumb things that we have done, and then for some reason continued to do.

Nathaniel Emmons said it this way “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.” We can either make good habits, or bad habits. We can live out our life repeating something stupid, time and time and time again, or we can live our life doing good things again and again. It’s merely a matter of deciding what path you wish to take.

Think of a habit like a nail. It can help you to build something strong, lasting, and sound; or it can puncture your dreams, scratch the beauty out of your life, and at last be pounded into the coffin you create through your bad habits and desires.

Now, of course, you’ve got to be flexible. You can’t make everything in your life a matter of habit, particularly in this day and age. But habit can either control you, or be at your control. It can defeat you before you start, or it can give you a leg up to help you excel.

Remember what the philosopher Ovid said: “Habits change into character.”

Bad habits, of course, change into bad character. Good habits make us better. Be better.

Copyright, 2012, by Daryl R. Gibson.


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