Monday Motivation – 18 February 2013

February 18, 2013


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What are your biggest challenges or obstacle to achieving your fitness or weight loss goals? Do you have a role model? Are you a role model for someone else? I’m not perfect (far from it!) I’m not at my personal finish line (far from it!), but I’m not where I started (far from it!!). Just take it one day at a time in the right direction – you’ll get there!!

Slow Start to the New Year?

My niece came by last night. She was out for a walk — one of her New Year’s Resolutions. Even though she made the resolution, last evening was the first time she had worked on it — but she did work on it.

Too many times, we make resolutions for the new year, and when things prevent us from fulfilling those resoltions right from the first day of the new year, we tend to give in, give up, and go home.

But goals should be ongoing, and there is never a bad time to start working on a goal. We don’t have to start with the first day of the new year — or end with the last day of the year. We just have to set goals and work toward them, with our own plan, at our own schedule, on our own timetable.

Goals are — and should be — a personal thing. They are easier to accomplish when we share them with someone else, but they are still personal commitments to make ourselves better people, and as such, it’s all-important that we please ourselves in our goals and in our timetable.

If you’re a little slow getting out of the blocks on your goals for the new year, that shouldn’t deter you from starting now — better now than never..

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