Monday Motivation – 4 March 2013

March 4, 2013


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Are you thinking in terms of how every seemingly small decision you make impacts other decisions and potentially grows to a much bigger impact than you expect? It works both ways too – if you start your morning with a healthy decision, you’re more likely to make more throughout the day, like workout or make healthy meal choices.

When you start your day with an excuse for why you can’t workout or need to eat a fast-food breakfast, you’re more likely to continue that progression the rest of the day because “well, I’ve already blown it, might as well keep going and start over tomorrow” – STOP! Start over right after the 1st one and the rest of your day will stay positive!

Unity of Purpose

Are you working against yourself? Many of us do.

Seems silly to even mention it, but for a lot of people, their worst enemy is themselves. They work against their own benefit, either subconsciously or just because of negative habits and thought patterns.

Have you ever gone on a diet, and then broke your diet because you saw a candy bar or a piece of cake? You’re working against yourself.

Have you ever gone to the gym to work off a few pounds, and then later that afternoon splurged on an ice cream sundae? You’re your own enemy.

Do you dismiss your own work, even after you’ve spent hours getting it perfect? Do you work to build up your image in your co-workers’ eyes, and then when tired and frustrated, yell at one of them? Do you have habits that stand in the way of your goals? Do you promise more than you can possibly deliver?

If so, you’re working against yourself.

The list of ways we can derail our own success is long and varied — but for some reason, people sometimes treat themselves worse than their own enemy would ever do.

The phrase “unity of purpose” is quite often applied to a married couple, who act in a concerted way to accomplish a joint goal. Working together, their combined effort accomplishes more than either of them could working alone. Aimed at a common goal, they pull together to achieve their aims.

In the same way,a person who puts all of their personal resources toward accomplishing a goal, and suppresses any negative resources or traits, so that goal may be accomplished, can be said to be operating with unity of purpose.

It can all be boiled down to this one little phrase: “Believe in yourself when you act, and act for what you believe.”

Copyright, 2012, by Daryl R. Gibson.


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