My Mini-Reset – Vegan Journey

June 8, 2013

My Fitness Journey

So this week I made up my own Mini-Reset based on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and basically became vegan for a week.  Here is what I learned – the Ultimate Rest was designed very specifically by nutritionists and scientists and I have come to the conclusion that you really have to follow it if you want the results it can give you.  I did it the full 21 days last year – no cheating – and had incredible results (see my results here).  I did it again this spring with my husband and we did fantastic for the first two weeks – tracking just like I did the first time – lost 6 pounds, then we “took a break” because we had company and ran a 10k and needed more substantial food than the Reset called for  – then we ended it a couple days early.  So overall I had good results, but not like the first time.

So this week – I did 2 days from each of the three phases, thinking I saw such great results very early in the full three week program that I should see a big weight drop in a week – right?! NOPE – actually I about broke even – very disappointing – especially since I find the Reset so restrictive that I get grumpy.  I am not a vegan and I like wine. So in conclusion….I will do the full blown Ultimate Reset at least once per year (potentially twice – Spring for sure, maybe in the fall before the holiday as well) – because I know it works to really clean my body of all waste and toxin build up- it makes me feel really good – but I will do it as a full focused effort and not try to shorten or cheat it – make it worth it and it will give the results!

Next week’s plan is I’m going to try the Mediterranean Diet – stay tuned!


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