My P90X Experience II

My P90X Experience – II

In my last blog post I talked about the success I’ve had with P90X and by incorporating Beachbody’s Shakeology into my everyday diet.  This month I want to discuss and show you how schedules, kid’s events, parties, etc. are a normal part of everyone’s life and how creating a circle of accountability will help you reach your fitness and weight goals.

 As I mentioned in my last post, I travel by airplane 3-4 days a week and many of these days include business lunches, dinners, etc. plus all of our kid’s activities and weekend functions such as neighborhood parties… All of these things make planning and being accountable to your goals (you did set goals right?) very important.  Some mornings I have to get up at 6 in order to get my workouts in before work because I know if I don’t something will come up and I’d either have to skip my workout or do it at 10PM.  I will be the first to tell you that yes; I have shut the alarm off and gone back to sleep and skip a workout here and there.  Sometimes I make it up by doing 2 workouts in one day later in the week or I just skip it, it happens (especially after some of the parties)!  Back to accountability…

I am often asked what drives me to keep working out.  In the beginning the answer was easy, I did not like how out of shape I was, what I weighed, and how I looked and felt.  To help keep accountable at that point, Suzann and I decided to become independent Beachbody coaches for no other reason than to get the online gym and meal reporting tools and to have a “public” place where we could record our workouts and be accountable to everyone else in the forum.  At the time we signed up I had no idea, we’d also be setting goals in the online gym and tracking those goals on our personal website, as well as, sharing our daily workouts on Facebook and Twitter.  Now I wasn’t just accountable to others in the forum, I was accountable to all my Facebook and Twitter friends and contacts!  Spending the $2.99/week to get the workout and goal tracking plus the meal planner has been a great investment for me because without this, the posting online and being accountable to all of you, I am not sure I would have stuck with it this long.

I am now wrapping up (I have 20 more days to go) my 3rd 90 days of P90X and I feel great!  During these 70 days I have not lost any more weight but I’ve lost another ½ inch off my waist and I’m doing more push-ups, pull-ups and other exercises than ever and my stamina, wow, it’s great.  My attitude and outlook are better and best of all, my sister in-law and some people I work with have said I’ve inspired them to start getting in shape.  Nothing is better than this!  Suzann and I are speaking with and coaching these people and what a great feeling we get from helping other reach their goals!

So are you ready to commit?  If so set some goals.  For example, say that in 60-days I want to lose X pounds and X inches off my waist or hips or wherever but be realistic.  Now write down what you are going to do each day exercise wise to help you get there and how you’re going to change what you eat so that you’re not sabotaging the gains you’re getting from exercising.  Need help you can join the Beachbody online gym for free where you’ll be able to track your workout or you can join the online gym for $2.99/week and be able to get the meal planner, etc.  Not sure what you want to do, email me and we’ll discuss your goals and how to get you on your way!



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