My week on Shakeology and Beachbody meal planner

May 25, 2013

My Fitness Journey

This is the end of week one of my 30 day challenge  to try a different meal plan or eating style each week and see how my body responds.  I’ve been imagining what the end of this week would be like ever since I made the plan with myself  several weeks ago, knowing I would be at the beach (Outer Banks NC) at the end of my first week.  I imagined I would be sitting on the deck in the sun with a cup of coffee (but actually green tea since I rearely have coffee any more, but my mental image had coffee in it….) and I would share my great thoughts with the world reading my blog (all 10 of you…most of whom I’m related to) SO, the weather turned very scary yesterday – torrential rains, high winds, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees – not exactly the moment I had in mind!  BUT here I sit, with my spring weather running outfit on, in the sun, writing about my weeek – not bad!

So a week on Shakeology and the Beachbody Meal Planner – was not perfect, as I had to travel 2 days for work and then down to the beach – only eating at home 3 days – those three days were great – so easy to go into the meal planner, adjust a few of the meals to what I like and my family would like, and then didn’t have to think about “what’s for dinner” or even “what’s for breakfast” since it was Shakeology every day as my breakfast/one meal replacement – this I was able to do consistently all week – I LOVE Shakeology – it funny, I’ve been drinking it for about 18 months now – as a meal replacement when I want to reduce or control my calorie level or as a snack when I’m maintaining my weight purely for the health reasons.  It really does make me feel better and reduces cravings.  I actually don’t notice until I am without – or in a situation where I haven’t been able to have it for a few days – I get irregular and start to crave pasta and salt – I get back on my daily routine and boom – no cravings and no  bloat! It really works for me and have to remind myself why it is so good to keep up every day – like exercise – get off track and you wonder why you feel blah – get back on routine and you go “why do I let myself fall off the wagon” when I feel SO much better when I have these two core habit s in my daily routine??!!

So my week’s results on the plan – lost 1 pound (at this stage of my fitness/weight-loss journey, that is really good – especially with the business and pleasure travel falling into most of the week!).  Overall I’m happy with the results – I’m having my imagined moment here on the deck, in the sun, just warm enough that when the wind is n’t blowing I had to take my jacket off – it it is going to be a great day!!  Time to go make my Shake and then get out for a walk on the beach!!

Next week I’m going to be following the Weight Watcher plan – will still incorporate Shakeology every day (it is just 3 points!) and will blog again next week with the results!

Cheers to your health!!

– Suzann


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