My Week on the Mediterranean Diet

June 15, 2013

My Fitness Journey

MedDiet picSo this week’s plan was to try the Mediterranean Diet – I absolutely LOVED it!!  It seems to be all over the news lately with many studies talking about the health benefits of eating this way and that people who live near the Mediterranean Sea have some very common eating attributes and lifestyles that when followed traditionally provide many long term health benefits (such as lower cholesterol, decreased risk of heart disease, and fewer overweight or obese people).  I have been highly influenced by this region’s culture and food being married to an Italian American, growing up in Williamsburg VA which has a fairly high population of Greek immigrants (and I worked for one of the families for about 8 years in the hotel and restaurant business), and I have French heritage.  I have also had the privilege to live and work in Italy,France, and Spain over the years and thoroughly enjoyed trying the different foods and ways of life.

To prepare for this week, I signed up for eDiets New Mediterranean Meal Plan -highly disappointed in this resource. They provided many of the basics of the Mediterranean Diet, but also had way too many suggestions for things that do not fit – like egg substitute and soy milk – the meal plan does not build throughout the week in order to have leftovers become a new meal later in the week (very typical in traditional Mediterranean eating) and the recipes were complicated.  I also got a small book from the folks who founded the Mediterranean Food Pyramid and followed many of the suggestions.  See my other blog post for a couple of the recipes.

I lost about a pound (which like I’ve mentioned, is really good for the stage I’m in in my fitness and weight loss journey – anything down is better than up) – I also never once felt deprived or like I was not allowed something I really wanted.  I’m so happy with the way this week went from not just a weight loss perspective, but from an overall well-being and lifestyle comfort that I think I’m going to continue – I am seriously thinking of writing a book on my experience and sharing all the great recipes I’ve collected from friends and family who are either living in a Mediterranean country or are Mediterranean Americans.  Stay tuned for that !!


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