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August 26, 2012

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Are your excuses holding you back from living the life you deserve?

I’m too tired. I don’t have the time. The kid’s schedule is crazy right now. It’s too expensive. I’m too out of shape. I’m embarrassed. I’m too fat. I can’t…  Excuses, we’ve all used them but let’s look at what they really are and how you can stop using them and take the first steps toward our goals.

The definition of excuse is: Noun: A reason or explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense.

Excuses hold us back from beginning and/or moving closer to where we want to be.  We use them to justify habits that are comfortable to us.  For those who use them to keep themselves from beginning a new fitness routine and/or diet, the excuse normally starts off with “I can’t”  or “yea, but”.  We all see programs like the Biggest Loser where people get dramatic results and yet, the excuse I hear from others is “if I had the trainers, doctors and was sent somewhere where all I did was workout and learn to eat right, I’d be successful too.”  So is that a reason to not even try?  How about all those people who were 100, 200 or 300 pounds overweight and how programs like P90X, INSANITY, TurboFire, Slim in 6, 10-Minute Trainer (yes just 10 minutes) and numerous others help them change their lives?  They reached their goals by simply dedicating themselves to it and by “pushing play” everyday!

Need help eliminating your excuses?

Let’s look at how to do that:

  1. What are your goals? Write them all down and prioritize them!  Seriously, write them down!
  2. Put a date with each goal as to when you WILL achieve that goal.
  3. Work backwards from the date(s) and put in milestones you will achieve on the way to your goal.
  4. Now write down very specific actions you will do each day to help you move towards each milestone.
  5. Track your actions every day by writing them down and measure your results!
  6. Now do what you’ve committed to doing!

How I overcame my excuses:

Last September I weighed 207 pounds and had a 38.5 inch waist, more than I ever had and I was out of shape.  I had been making every excuse I could to justify being so out of shape…my doctor said I needed rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders; I can’t work-out like I used to; I travel 3-4 days per week on business; I eat at restaurants 3-5 days per week; I hate getting up early to make sure I get my workout in; I’m too tired…; and on and on I went!  My wife convinced me to start doing P90X and to write down what I wanted to accomplish during the 90 days of the program.

My goal was to get to 185lbs and my waist to 36 inches.  Since we started the program on September 19th, we’d finish on December 15th.  Since I had roughly 12.5 weeks to reach my goals I decided to break them up into weekly milestones – lose approximately 2lbs per week and 1 inch off my waist every 45 days. To get there, I had to commit to working out with the P90X DVDs 6 days/week and I also decided to follow the diet plan available to me on the Team Beachbody website.  More so, this site forced me to enter my workouts each day and to be accountable!  If I wanted to be successful I knew I had to take these steps and stop making excuses. Other actions included weighing myself every day, eliminating bad snacks and I decided I also needed to drink Shakeology every day for my daily vitamins and nourishment.

Each day and week I tracked my results and I was amazed as the weeks went by.  I could see results which motivated me even more.  By the end of 90 days I was at 184lbs and my waist was at 35 inches.  More so I felt great!  When I started P90X I could barely do half the exercises; I could only do 1 pull-up and at most 10 pushups by the end my shoulders were no longer sore and I was pounding out 9-10 pull-ups and 30-40 pushups at a single time. Best of all, I had changed my previous bad habits of waking up late, working, then just sitting in front of the TV after dinner.  I had removed the excuses because of the actions I took and by following the P90X program.  Thank you Tony Horton and thank you Beachbody!

My results are not unique, I am 48 years old!  Many have lost more weight, built bigger muscles and got more ripped but I exceeded my goals and eliminated my excuses.

What will you do with your excuses?

90 days from now, do you want to be the person who is saying “Gee I’m glad I did” or the one saying “Darn I wish I had”   Everyone has excuses – it is what you do about them that determines your future. What are you going to do about making progress on your goals?

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