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We have been interested in health and fitness for years, but like most people, we had jobs, kids, and life always interrupting the good plans we put together every January. Along with health issues and injuries, we had the best of excuses to put ourselves last on the list of priorities. About a year ago, we were introduced to the Beachbody Opportunity.  As fans of the Beachbody products (I think we owned 6 of the programs with Slim in Six in VHS!), we knew the fitness programs were great, but had never heard of Shakeology or about how to become a coach.  So we attended an online presentation and a live Fit Club with who would eventually become my personal success coach.

Becoming coaches is what made the difference for us – we made a commitment to ourselves, each other, and all those friends, family, customers and coaches who have joined our team and the Beachbody community – all who are now counting on us and holding us accountable to continue on the healthy, rewarding lifestyle we maintain today.

As foodies and wine enthusiasts, we still have our “cheat” times and enjoy a balance of good food, wine, and friends, but now we compensate with extra workouts and healthy choices the next day to ensure we stay on track and do not negate the great results we’ve achieved. And many of our friends now join us for those workouts!!

Ken’s Results:

Last September I weighed 207 pounds and had a 38.5 inch waist, more than I ever had and I was out of shape.  I had been making every excuse I could to justify being so out of shape…my doctor said I needed rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders; I can’t work-out like I used to; I travel 3-4 days per week on business; I eat at restaurants 3-5 days per week; I hate getting up early to make sure I get my workout in; I’m too tired…; and on and on I went!  My wife convinced me to start doing P90X and to write down what I wanted to accomplish during the 90 days of the program. 

My goal was to get to 185lbs and my waist to 36 inches.  Since we started the program on September 19th, we’d finish on December 15th. Since I had roughly 12.5 weeks to reach my goals I decided to break them up into weekly milestones – lose approximately 2lbs per week and 1 inch off my waist every 45 days. To get there, I had to commit to working out with the P90X DVDs 6 days/week and I also decided to follow the diet plan available to me on the Team Beachbody website.  More so, this site forced me to enter my workouts each day and to be accountable!

If I wanted to be successful I knew I had to take these steps and stop making excuses. Other actions included weighing myself every day, eliminating bad snacks and I decided I also needed to drink Shakeology every day for my daily vitamins and nourishment.  Each day and week I tracked my results and I was amazed as the weeks went by.  I could see results which motivated me even more.  By the end of 90 days I was at 184lbs and my waist was at 35 inches.  More so I felt great!  When I started P90X I could barely do half the exercises; I could only do 1 pull-up and at most 10 pushups by the end my shoulders were no longer sore and I was pounding out 9-10 pull-ups and 30-40 pushups at a single time. Best of all, I had changed my previous bad habits of waking up late, working, then just sitting in front of the TV after dinner.  I had removed the excuses because of the actions I took and by following the P90X program.  Thank you Tony Horton and thank you Beachbody!

My results are not unique, I am 48 years old!  Many have lost more weight, built bigger muscles and got more ripped but I exceeded my goals and eliminated excuses.

Suzann’s results:

In the 25+ years we have been together, my weight has gone from 105 to 175 – crushing on a 5’ 2” frame! Over those years I’ve had two children and gained/lost the same 5, 10, 20 pounds a dozen times. I’ve been on every diet out there – Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, NutriSystems, South Beach, Atkins, The Zone….to name a few!  I have an entire library of other fitness and diet books plus a wide collection of tapes and dvds. 

Last August I joined Team Beachbody and started on Shakeology – I then encouraged Ken to join me and we started P90X together. Similar to Ken’s story – I couldn’t do a single pull-up in the beginning.  I could do push-ups because I had just finished a round of ChaLEAN Extream & TurboFIRE where her favorite thing is push-ups – and yes I hated them in the beginning, but once I progressed – I learned to LOVE push-ups!

Since my first round of P90X, I have done 60 day Les Mills PUMP, 90 day TurboFIRE, and then created my own hybrid of Les Mills and TurboFIRE.  I was in excellent cardio form and had well defined shoulders, but still could not break my 9 year plateau (probably my metabolism just not performing due to all the yo-yo diet and fitness I had been doing, but also had issues with my cholesterol and blood pressure – I decided I needed a complete reset.  In May I did the 21 day Ultimate Reset and my results shocked my doctor.

I lost 9.6 lbs and 4.5 inches overall.  Total cholesterol dropped from 176 to 158; BP went from 138/85 to 103/69. Although I am pleased with the significant drop in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, the biggest change was my C-RP. It went from 3.28 to 1.08 – this is what my Dr said was impossible! (for more details on C-RP see my UR post)

I am now trying P90X2 and getting ready to start a No-Excuses 60-Day Challenge group with a few like-minded people who need that extra support, accountability, and motivation to get moving before the holidays!!  Hopefully we get everyone some good foundational habits in place and we won’t be looking to lose those same pounds come January.

For more information about Beachbody or if you are interested in joining our team  here is our contact info:

Ken & Suzann Balog

Independent Team Beachbody Coaches
Richmond, VA
p: 804.368.0746 or Ken’s cell: 804.714.8458
e: suzann@richfitclub.com
e: ken@richfitclub.com




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