Review of Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus

Review of Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus

Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus 2Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus is by the Editors of Prevention for Women and is all about getting women the tools they need to get and stay in shape at 40 Plus – stressing, it is never too late to get in shape!  They focus on ways to rev up your metabolism, tips for hormone balance, and how to fight that stubborn female fat in your forties!

The keys they share are not magic – basically figure out where you are, where you want/need to be, and follow or define the exercise and eating plan that will work to get you there.

My take on Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus

Although this book was written in 2002 and some of the references are a bit dated, the information is current and solid for the issues many women face when they hit their forties and beyond.  I liked the way they give you information that you can apply to create what works for you personally – not everyone is the same, but we have many common challenges that we need to overcome.

Also, making a weekly plan to achieve shorter-term goals is easier to stick with and stay on track for the long-term goals. There are a lot of chapters focused on very specific problems such as dealing with stress, which can cause weight gain particularly in the abdomen; dealing with plateaus which can be de-motivation; what to do when you have a health issue common with aging such as high blood pressure; and how to bounce back from an injury.

Should you read Fit Not Fat at 40 Plus

If you need a really good basic guide to defining your own personal exercise and eating plan or you need help with a couple of specific issues as you hit your 40s, this book is a great resource.  If you’ve already got a healthy meal plan and are not new to exercise and strength training, you may want to check out one of my other blogs on Raising Your Metabolism After 40.  I also published a free 5 Day Fitness and Diet Plan that has worked for many.  Click here to get the Fast Track Training.


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