What can we learn from Phil Mickelson’s British Open win?

July 22, 2013

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How did Phil Mickelson win the British Open?

mickelson winThis past weekend Phil Mickelson won the British Open golf tournament. Mickelson had previously publicly stated that he felt the British Open was the one “major” championship that would elude him during his career.  In order to better his chance, Mickelson did a few things to enhance his chances of winning this championship. The actions he took are actions that apply to all professions, individual goals and corporate objectives.

Here are some of Mickelson’s actions:

  1. mickelson coach practiceHe hired a coach: In my opinion, this is one of the best things individuals and companies can do but it is also one that few actually do.  Sure many individuals hire personal trainers (coaches) to help them with their fitness but few hire a coach to help them with their professional life and they should. Mickelson’s coach helped him prepare and work on the way he plays to better suit the links style of play in the British Open.  His coaches helped him learn and practice new techniques and shots necessary to score well.  A coach can bring you and/or your organization a fresh way of looking at things, as well as, the knowledge  to improve your odds of success.  Coaches (in business commonly referred to as consultants) can help you and/or your company plan and analyze what needs to be done to maximize your returns.
  2. He prepared mentally: His coaches also helped him mentally prepare for the mindset necessary for type of play and mental challenges needed to do well in the British Open.  A coach can also help you, your execs and employees mentally prepare for the challenges you will face when tackling something you thought was beyond the reach of you and/or your company.
  3. He practiced:  Working with his coaches Mickelson practiced the shots, mental conditions and physical stress he’d face in the British Open.  He “simulated” these by playing practice rounds and playing in the Scottish Open (and winning that tournament too!) in the days and weeks prior to the tournament.  When was the last time you practiced what you are trying to accomplish? Some of you may say golf is easy to practice; you go to the course or practice range and hit balls but for personal or businesses practicing is difficult.  Maybe true but maybe not, let me explain: think about an entrepreneur, when they are thinking about starting their company what do they do?  They “practice” their idea on family, friends and eventually potential investors.  You can do the same thing.  Have some ideas for new products/services or improvements you could make? Are  you practicing the ideas on your family, friends and current clients?  On an individual basis, are you learning new skills and practicing those ideas in order to perfect them?
  4. mickelson supportersHe had/has a support group:  Mickelson’s coaches were/are just one part of his support group.  He relies on others such as his wife, family, his caddie, other players and past coaches (his college coach (on the far left)  and his current coach (in the middle) were there to greet his as he walked off the 18th green).  Mickelson realized a long time ago that in order to succeed, he needed to solicit the advice of those he trusted.  Are you sharing your personal goals and challenges with your mentors and advisers (coaches), family, and/or friends?  If not you should.  Every person should have coaches and mentors/advisers they can turn to for advice when needed.  I am happy to say, I have had several throughout my life and still do to this day.  These have and/or still include my wife, other family members, co-workers, professional consultants and trainers, college and high-school friends and people I’ve done business with throughout the years.  Just ask those you know and trust me you will be amazed by how happy they are to help you. Now also remember to do the same for people you know.

Key Take-Away:

Coaches, Advisers and Mentors play an important role in helping others succeed.  Just like they helped Phil Mickelson accomplish something he had doubted he could ever achieve, they can help you and/or your company too.

Comment below with your thoughts – key take-aways – or other ideas.


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