Find your workout or weight loss motivation!

What is your motivation to workout?

Have you lost it? Has it changed? Do you need some motivation??

Finding your motivation to workout or lose weight is the corner stone for success.  When asked, most people will say it is their goals that motivate them – that they set a goal to lose x pounds and are then motivated to achieve success.  What about when you are not successful?  What is missing?

Here are a few ideas for helping you find or reset your motivation:

  • Find a friend who wants to join you and provides an accountability to show up
  • Workout with your pet – they need it and so do you!
  • Change up your routine – boredom often leads to quitting – try hybrid programs (also good for plateau busting!)
  • Find inspirational quotes or sports stories – post pictures where you will see them frequently
  • Set small goals that are achievable in shorter time frames – create a new one each time you reach the last one
  • Set a new goal or make a bet or create a challenge with your friends (join a Beachbody Challenge group with me!)
  • Take pictures or measurements on a regular basis – results always give a motivational boost
  • Hire a personal trainer or coach
  • Set a schedule and stick to it – make it part of your routine, but with variety in each week
  • Create a playlist that inspires you to move
  • Write down how you feel right after a good workout – post these feelings where you’ll see them – you know you WANT to DO it, so why are you procrastinating?

Is your motivation to workout enough?

So the last tip above  is really key – you know how good it is for you to workout, eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle.  You have the knowledge, but is knowledge power?

How many times have you said to yourself – “I just don’t get it – I studied, had all the information, had everything I needed, and still failed” – you can say this about a lot of things in life but losing weight is one that most people can relate to…..

Here is what I believe – knowledge IS power – ONLY if you APPLY it – what is missing from just having the knowledge and wondering why it isn’t working for you is because you have to first Decide what you want and Commit to using the knowledge to Succeed.  This is the key to weight loss, living a healthy and balanced life, and can work for just about anyting else you set out to achieve. So get the knowledge – then find and use your motivation to reach your goals .

You can do it –Beachbody can help!!  Need more tips and tools to get started? Click here to get the Fast Track for FREE!

I am on my journey to end the trend of obesity for both myself and others. Join me!!!



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7 Responses to “Find your workout or weight loss motivation!”

  1. Mary Riley Says:

    Thanks for the tips to help keep myself motivated!


  2. Rich Taub Says:

    Good article, this sometimes is one of the biggest challenges when things get really busy.


  3. Erica Hinthorne Says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I need to make a new playlist!


  4. Brett Banford Says:

    Wow those are some very good tips, some of which I never thought of! Thanks for the helpful advice!


  5. Risa Says:

    Great tips! Motivation is the number one thing that stops people from making a change. Thx for these great tips!


  6. Jeanne Melanson Says:

    Great article! My personal motivation is having my clothes fit better. You know, those favorites that have been in a drawer for several years. Thanks!


  7. Darren Says:

    Great tips. It is always hard to be self-motivated, but that is what separates those who fail from those who succeed. They find a way. You offer some great ways for people to get and stay motivated.


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